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19 October 2023

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What’s new in the third edition of the conference?

This year we want to enhance the presentations and panels by featuring more technical demonstrations. Our aim is to provide attendees with immersive and hands-on experiences that showcase the latest advancements, innovations, and practical applications of technology in the finance sector. By highlighting technical demonstrations, we hope to foster an environment for networking and collaboration among industry developers and tech specialists. We believe that this will inspire meaningful discussions and foster the exchange of ideas.

Which topics do we cover?

and CBDCs

Blockchain technology and its role in cryptocurrencies and CBDCs, benefits and challenges of implementing CBDCs in the financial system, regulation considerations for cryptocurrencies, etc.


AI-driven fraud detection, generative AI applied to the fintech industry, explainable AI in regulatory compliance for financial institutions, personalised financial recommendations, etc.

Financial Services at Scale

Cloud computing and its impact on scalability in financial services, risk management solutions, customer onboarding, scalable solutions for mass cross-border payments, etc.

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