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Tech in Finance

Finance Technology by practitioners

Tech in Finance is a one-day event that aims to bring 200 Developers, QAs and SREs together to share their specialised knowledge in the financial sector.

Given the lack of Fintech conferences geared towards developers, we wanted to create a new space where all those interested can share their technical knowledge. We aim to bring together people working in Fintech for both B2B and B2C products that are focused on local and international payments, digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, currency exchange, P2P transfers, online banking and financial services.

The main topics of discussion will be: distributed systems, security, cloud computing and API development for Financial systems. We will prioritise talks that are aimed at showcasing how technologies (such as kubernetes, blockchain, machine learning, APIs, Salesforce, Python, Go, etc..) are used in real cases of financial services activities.

There will also be two or three tracks aimed to create smaller group discussions and sharing sessions, with the possibility of doing some hands-on workshops.

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